"Thank you so much! I absolutely love all of our stationery--I am so excited for the guests to see it, and to see how it comes together with our flowers and my dress. Thank you for all you have done for us. I really appreciate all of the hard work you put into the stationery, and how patient you were with all of our changes. Thank you for making our vision a reality! "- Karen & Jeffery

"The invitations successfully landed in guests mailboxes on Valentine's Day as we planned! Since their arrival... I've been getting SO MANY compliments!! Beautiful, awesome, well done... are just some of what we've been hearing. You know... I always knew they were SPECTACULAR! It's just so nice to hear others appreciate them as much as we do. Again, many thanks for working with me to get these as perfect as they are. I look forward to the "Day Of" order!!! Our guests got a glimpse of what we have in store for them... now can't wait for them to see the rest!!! Thanks for making this so much fun & so fulfilling for me! - Melissa & Mauro

"'Thank You' does not even begin to describe the gratitude we feel towards each of you for providing us with your unique and incredible talents and services for our wedding on the Cape. The beauty and feel of our "vintage, sea-side, backyard" wedding would not have been possible without your participation.  It was an honor to work with each of you and we hope you will enjoy seeing the amazing photos of your hard work." - Carrie & Stasia 

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